Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thanks For Nothing, Gawker

I've been working on the Friday Links post, and I wanted to include some excellent links that were on Deadspin this week.

Deadspin, along with Kotaku, are two of the many sites that have rolled out a new design this week (I think all Gawker websites did, or something like that).

It's not just that this redesign is, well, sort of crap, because it takes me longer to get information, but quite frequently, it simply doesn't work. The "back" button in my browser sometimes just doesn't work at a Gawker website, and trying to progress through pages of posts is almost impossible, because shit just won't load. Even using the "classic" view (which is far less anoying), it's just not fully functional in the way that websites need to, you know, work.

It's hideous.

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