Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, a remarkable article about Ernest Hemingway: A Marriage Unraveled: When Ernest left Hadley, Hemingway had a lifetime of regrets .

Here's a fascinating article about former basketball players over seven feet tall (also known as "super bigs" in the NBA) and how they've adjusted to life after the NBA: Larger Than Real Life.

From George Paci, two extremely interesting links: Floating +Pool would let New Yorkers swim in the river and The Beer Archaeologist (this is fascinating). Wait, there's one more, and it's quite funny: Lifetimes of cryptographic hash functions.

From Frank Regan, and this is tremendous: Dial-up sound slowed down 700%.

From Sara McDowell, a nice collection of resources for the indie developer: 40 Helpful Independent Game Design Forums.

Here's Remarkable Irony #47: NY motorcyclist dies on ride protesting helmet law.

From Sirius, and this is totally engrossing, it's Millions of Fishes: The Ultimate Marine Library.

From Steven Davis, an amazing and unique art: Dinosaurs and Fairy Tales Made from Balloons.

From Michael M., several excellent links. First, it's Aircraft punch holes in clouds, leave snow in their wake. Next, and if you like animals, then this video will leave you speechless (in a good way): Crow and Kitten are Friends. Next it's The Lego Barad-dûr. Then, incredibly, it's conrete tents.

This last link is on a serious note, but it's a remarkable project for a good cause. The volunteer organization All Hands is currently helping restore photos damaged in the 3/11 tsunami in Japan. If that's something you enjoy doing, please contact the organization, because they need more help.

From the very, very cold case file: 130-year-old UK murder case finally closed.

Closing out the week, a truly wonderful story about a janitor who won the lottery--and he's still a janitor. And the track coach. It's a completely inspiring story about a good person who stayed a good person after he hit it big.

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