Monday, July 18, 2011

Match & Magic

In my "Favorite Games of 2010" post, I included this:
#7 Mystery Indie Game (PC)
A DQ reader let me play a work-in-progress last year, and even though it's still not finished, it's an absolutely terrific game, combining Puzzle Quest-type gameplay with rogue elements. If it was finished, it would have made the top three, easily. I thought it was incredibly entertaining and utterly addictive, so the onus is on you, J.L., to finish it this year.

Well, now I'm able to share a few more details with you, although (big tease) it will be later this week. I'm working on a Q&A with the developer, but it's not quite ready. However, I can share the name of the game (which is the title of this post, actually): Match & Magic.

I haven't played a beta version yet (that will apparently be ready very soon), but I can tell you that even in pre-alpha, the gameplay was tremendous fun, and it had a completely addictive soundtrack as well.

I'll be working on the Q&A throughout the week and hope to have it posted by Thursday.

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