Thursday, September 29, 2011

As Usual, You're Funnier Than I Am

Kevin P. wins the week with this gem:
I went to the dermatologist as well last week for my annual checkup. Like you, it isn't about looking good, but more about having a history of skin cancer in my family.

Anyway, I am sitting there in my underwear when my dermatologist came in the room. I know from past conversations that we are about the same age because both she and her husband were in medical school at Duke when I was in grad school at UNC and living in Durham, NC. She is an attractive blonde as well as being a good doctor. I always feel uncomfortable at the doctors office, but I guess an old fashioned part of me is even more uncomfortable when the doctor is a female and a contemporary.

However, she immediately broke the ice and made me feel a lot better by saying: "I guess I should start out by saying that by law all doctors are required to discuss weight issues and the importance of not being overweight to all of our patients."

"I've still got it," I thought to myself.

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