Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, from Eric Barrett, my favorite wedding photos ever: zombies.

From David Yellope, a remarkable use for 3-D printers: Artificial blood vessels.

I'd like to stop there with 3-D printing, but unfortunately I can't, because Steven Davis sent in this: magazine for the AR-15 rifle.

From Michael M., and this is an intriguing idea:  Photophilanthropy.

From Jeff, and this is fantastic: Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle.

Here's a tremendously awkward video, courtesy of Kevin W. Nothing like winning an adult comedy contest, then performing the same material on a local television show-- in front of second graders.

From C. Lee, a poignant and sad documentary: Japan - A Story of Love and Hate.

From Geoff Engelstein, a phenomenal website created by a "recreational mathematician" that uses very clever videos to teach mathematical concepts.

From Ernie Halal, a very clever column by highly-regarded Joe Posnanski: Best Band Name Ever.

From Dave Prosser, and this is outstanding: escaped pet birds are teaching wild birds to speak English. Much of it expletives, amusingly.

Jim sent in a link to an entirely remarkable Mount & Blade mod website, and it's worth taking a look: Mount Fan Blade. Believe it or not, there's even a Wild West Mod now.

From Matthew Teets, the new DQ meme: run, big man, run!

From Sirius, and this is quite bizarre: Seagulls: pooping resistant bacteria on your beach. Also, and this is a wonderful blast from the past, it's Ruth Belville - the lady who sold time.

From Johan Nillson, and this is quite a wonderful bit of ingenuity: Arthur Lee's Portal + Snapshot Demo.

From Jeffery Gardiner, and these are spectacular, it's Ten Amazing Timelapse Videos.

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