Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fuel Up!

This is quite amusing.

Activision has a new promotion in conjunction with Pepsi. Here's a description:
...the long and short of it is that by buying certain Pepsi products, namely Mountain Dew and Doritos, players can redeem codes in the packaging for Double XP time in Modern Warfare 3. A 20 oz gets you 15 minutes, a 12 pack gets you 45, and so on.

That's both ridiculous and fantastic.  Now people will be min-maxing snack food.  It's quite difficult to wrap my head around that.

What surprises me is that the author of the article linked above (which was titled "Modern Warfare 3's Pepsi Cross Promotion Steps Over the Line") is himself surprised:
I though the line was being drawn with pre-order bonuses promising weapons and attachments that couldn’t be found in the actual game, but to me, this is a new low for an industry that wants to keep digging.

A line? Has anyone seen that confounded line? Sorry, man, the line was crossed, then obliterated a long time ago.

Confused that Activision would promote their "Elite" subscription, which basically turns Call Of Duty into a sporting platform, then turn around and sign a deal for a promotion that hands an advantage to some players on snack-filled platter?

Don't be.

If you think this is a contradiction, you're just not thinking of it like Activision does. To Activision, anything that makes money, by definition, is not a contradiction. It's not a contradiction because their only goal is to make money, and today.

So if you see a crippling inconsistency here, just remember that Activision will do anything that generates revenue. Anything.

It's not a contradiction. It's a goal.

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