Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Surely, Someone Is Doing This Already

Since I have a smart phone now, the screen gets disgusting as I run my fingertips across its surface a billion times.

To help keep it clean, I have some of those 3M cloths that do a very good job of getting rid of fingerprints, smears, etc. I now have one of those cloths in my study and my car.

Today it hit me: why doesn't someone make a snug slip cover for a phone that has the cleaning cloth as the inside fabric? That way, every time you put your phone in or out of the slip cover, it would be cleaning the phone's screen. Plus, it wouldn't get dirty in your pocket.

Instead of your phone being filthy 90% of the time, the screen would actually look pretty decent. And there are probably 20 companies making these already, but I'm just oblivious to it.

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