Thursday, September 22, 2011


Rock, Paper, Shotgun mentioned a new game in development called "Warco". Here's a description:
“In the role of war correspondent (‘warco’) Jesse DeMarco, the player must capture battle footage and edit together a news story, while trying to make it out alive.”

...apparently the real game will be in splicing together your footage at the end and deciding on the story you want to tell about the events you have filmed.

I've said this on multiple occasions, but what put the original Dead Rising completely over the top for me was the photography--in particular, that the photographs you took actually gained you experience. It was both entirely superfluous and completely brilliant, because it made you look at the game in an entirely new way.

So in concept, this is a sensational idea, and 1000x more interesting to me than killing 200 enemies per level.

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