Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, from DQ Legal Advisor Lee Rawles, a mind-blowing, interactive graphic: The Scale Of The Universe.

Next, from Jeremy Fischer, and this is the most interesting video you'll watch all week, it's Where Do Numbers Come From? Seriously, you really need to watch this--it's very short, but completely amazing.

From Brad Gehrig, a link to a fascinating interview: To Salvage A Ship.

From Steven Kreuch, and Eli 10.6 is very fond of this site, it's T-Rex Trying...

From Caleb Forney, and while this has a political message, it's very clever entertainment before then: Collapsing Cooling Towers.

From Connell Smith, and these are all quite staggering, it's The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores In The World.

From Steven Davis, a fascinating mini-documentary: Banknote and Coin Engraving. Also, and this is very clever, it's Reading Kills. One more, and boy, and this is certainly a window into the past: Why is it more interesting to spend an evening with this book than a beautiful woman?

From Dirk, two additional links analyzing the Challenger disaster from an information presentation standpoint:
The Challenger: An Information Disaster
Representation and Misrepresentation: Tufte and the Morton Thiokol Engineers on the Challenger

From Sirius, a link to a stunning computer program called Eureka. What can it do?
A new computer program called Eureqa comes up with fundamental mathematical laws, the great equations of textbooks and history, from scratch. Feed Eureqa a mess of raw data, and it will find the underlying rules describing the observations.

Amazing. Also from Sirius, and this is quite surprising, it's The real Mona Lisa? Prado museum finds Leonardo da Vinci pupil's take. One more, and this is really quite spectacular, it's Crazy Sky Diving Wing Suit man.

From Sebmojo, and this is a tremendous read, it's The Mystery of the Millionaire Metaphysician.

From Jonathan Arnold, and these are stunning images, it's Dazzling Droplets: Photos Reveal Mini Worlds. Also, and these are very cool, it's Rare photos of the old and the dead.

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