Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's New

Two interesting new features have launched, and I like to bring them to your attention.

One of my favorite writers, Russ Pitts, is doing a new podcast. It's called Asleep at the Keyboard, and in addition to Russ, Gamers With Jobs co-founder Shawn Andrich is on board. That's a gaming parade in one package, and the podcast is available at False Gravity.

Next, Penny Arcade has launched The Penny Arcade Report, headed by Ben Kuchera, one of the most highly-respected writers in gaming today. What makes this site interesting is that it's not focused on putting up a story every ten minutes (looking at you, Kotaku and Joystiq). Here's an excerpt from the mission statement:
Our focus will be on longer form journalism with in-depth research, interviews and data, highlighting aspects of the gaming lifestyle that many would miss at first glance.


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