Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday Links!

I occasionally mention that the links are strong, and they are definitely strong this week.

Leading off this week from Shane Courtrille, it's The Single Lane Superhighway. What is it? 50,000 hand drawn cars driving across the screen. It's mesmerizing, and it would be the greatest screensaver ever.

Here's a link from Les Bowman that could be very important in evaluating and treating traumatic brain injury (concussions and more): New Tool Could Help Pinpoint TBI.

From Steven Davis, and this is terrific, it's Don't Be Bored. Do Something. Also, the origin of the original "John Carter" (from Edgar Rice Burroughs): A Princess of Mars and John Carter. Next, it's A Cathedral Made from 55,000 LED Lights. One more, and it's quite a site: paper airplane thrown for world record.

From Griffin Cheng, and this is not for the faint of heart, it's This British Super-Coaster Might Rip Your Limbs Off. Also, and this is very interesting, it's The Oldest Forest Ever Discovered Was Hidden In the Catskills.

A slew of excellent links from Kez this week. First, the best alarm clock ever: Wake n’ Bacon. Also, and this explains itself, it's Photo: Large Naked Woman Stomps On Car In Noe Valley [NSFW]. Also, and you must take this quiz, it's Troy McClure movie or actual terrible film?. Next, it's A breathtaking aurora from Earth’s largest geomagnetic storm in almost 10 years. This is quite striking (and quite witty as well): 11 Pencil vs. Camera Images. Last one, and it's both poignant and sad: How Doctors Die.

From David Byron, and this is truly spectacular: Jan van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece. Th site gives you the ability to zoom in on individual panels to an incredible degree.

From Jonathan Arnold, a story about the curious insects known as "tree lobsters": The "rarest insect in the world" also happens to be freaking enormous. One more, and it's absolutely amazing: the abandoned Buzludzha monument. Trust me, this is the mind-blowing story of the week.

From Sirius, and it's one creature I'm glad didn't survive: Super-sized fleas adapted to feed off dinosaurs. Also, and this is a fascinating possibility: Did the Titanic Sink Because of an Optical Illusion?. That's kind of a misleading title, because an optical illusion didn't actually sink the Titanic, but it may have caused the crew to not see the iceberg in time to avoid hitting it, which etc.

From Chris Pencis, and this is an absolutely spectacular video: the Falcon And The Murmuration: Nature's Aerial Battle Above Rome

Closing out the week, Aaron Ward sent in a link to some very funny photos: Quirky Photos Star World’s Chillest Dog.

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