Wednesday, March 21, 2012

John Carter

We went to see this last week while Eli 10.7 was on spring break.

I've been looking forward to this film for a while, because I thought that the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs was a rich vein to mine. Certainly, his work could be turned into something special.

Perhaps it still will be, someday. But not by these people.

Now if you're a 10.7 year old boy, your opinion may well differ. Eli very much enjoyed the movie and was entertained for its duration. What I was hoping to see, though, was something unique, creating its own path and paving the way for future films.

Instead, it appeared that the filmmakers decided to copy as much from Avatar (the James Cameron version) as they could, copy an equal amount from the Star Wars prequels, then duct tape them together.

Thank you, but no.

There was one highly amusing moment involving the word "Virginia".* I can think of no other high points.

*Please note, however, that this moment was not nearly as funny as Eeyore singing "I found an anchor over there, now it's on my derrière" in Winnie-The-Pooh last year, which must mean that even with a 250M budget, it's not easy to hire good writing.

**Please also note that if you do a Google search on "I found an anchor over there, now it's on my derrière", Dubious Quality is the #1 result. I believe this is the second time DQ has been at the top of Google search--previously, for the phrase "monkey scratching his butt, sniffing his finger, and falling over backwards." If the entire body of content on the Internet consisted solely of this video, I would not feel cheated.

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