Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Like I said a few weeks ago, I installed a palette of grass in our front yard.

The problem with new grass is that it has to be watered. A lot. It takes about half an hour to water the yard by hand, and that's the only way you see where more or less water might be needed.

Farmer stuff.

The grass looks like it's establishing okay, but there are weeds interspersed in the new grass. Pulling weeds is a pain in the ass--kneel down, pull out the weed, walk over to the sidewalk, put it in the weed pile. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Then, when you're done, pick up the weed pile, open the garage, open the trash can, put weeds inside.

Good grief. I didn't get a PhD in Lazy for nothing. Wait, because it was in Lazy, I guess I did.

Later, I saw Gloria in her study.

"Hey, did I tell you about my gardening innovation?" I asked.

"Noooo," she said.

"I needed to weed the front yard, but it's way too complicated," I said. "So I just pulled a weed, then put it on top of my car. When I was finished, I went inside and got ready for work. I came out, drove to work, and when I got to Einstein's, the weeds were gone."

"OH MY GOD," she said (a common refrain when I am describing my "innovation" to here). "Those weeds must be in the entire neighborhood now."

Not true, probably, since I mostly drive on a highway to work, but I feel like Johnny Appleweed. I can work with that.

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