Thursday, May 17, 2012

Of Note

Here's a website I just saw: Pocket Tactics.

Description: Pocket Tactics is the home of strategy gaming for Android and iOS devices, updated every weekday.

Why should you take a look at this site? Let me answer that question by listing, in order, the games currently mentioned on the front page:
--King Of Dragon Pass
--Scotland Yard
--Empire Of The Eclipse
--Call of Cthulhu
--Legion of the Damned
--Neuroshima Hex

Talk about five stars and an A+ for subject matter.

Also, Gaming Trend is sponsoring a Diablo III giveaway. The Collector's Edition, regular edition, and even the artbook, so if you just can't wait for Torchlight (or better yet, if you want to have both), head over to GT and enter.

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