Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, from Steven Kreuch, and this is just so cool and wonderful: The Newsstand. Just enter a month and year and you'll get to see every comic book cover from that month. And it goes all the way back to May 1934!

From The Edwin Garcia Links machine, and this will blow your mind: Travel INSIDE a Black Hole. Also, this is quite a find, it's Garden Planter Turns Out To Be Roman Antique. Next, and we're big fans of Mythbusters at my house, it's Get a Peek Inside Mythbuster Adam Savage’s Workshop and See His Cool Toys. Last one, and believe it or not, it's science-related: The story of the iconic cover art for Joy Division's 'Unknown Pleasures'.

From Jonathan Arnold, and this is a story about Joe Kittinger's incredible 1960 jump: RedBull’s Stratos Stunt. Also, and I've always wanted to see something like this, it's behind the scenes at a bowling alley.

From Francis Cermak, and this is quite clever: What happens when someone who had never played video games is chosen as a judge for some gaming awards?

From Craig Miller, and this article is stunning on multiple levels: Seizure of Ship From Argentina Forces Shake-Up.

From Phil Honeywell, and you're going to love this: Mission 26 The Big Endeavour. It's a video of the Space Shuttle moving from LAX to the California Science Center.

From hippo, and this could turn out to be incredibly important someday: Pioneering scientists turn fresh air into petrol in massive boost in fight against energy crisis. Also, and this is amazing: fish can cloak, become invisible to predators.

From DQ VB.Net Advisor Garret Rempel, and this is a story about a true Canadian badass: Lincoln Alexander: 'Just call me Linc'.

From Robb, and this has always fascinated me: Goodness, gracious, great balls of lightning.

From Griffin Cheng, and this is just incredible: The whale that talked like a human.

From Sirius, and this could upset quite a few apple carts: Dinosaur cold-blood theory in doubt.

From Paul Drager, and this is something I never thought I'd see: tightrope walking robot.

From Dirk Knemeyer, and this is an effective and clever conjunction: Viral ad campaign hits #FirstWorldProblems.

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