Thursday, October 04, 2012

Total Pro Golf 3 Released

Gary Gorski let me know that Total Pro Golf 3 has been released, and there's more information below:
Starting right now you can head to and get ready to tee off. Get over to our webstore and reserve your tee time right now! New Features of Total Pro Golf 3 Include : •Season Disk Add-ons (2012 season disk now available)
•New in game daily news module to keep you up to date of the latest happenings across all six in game tours
•New RPG style elements to the game give you extra items to purchase for your golfer
•Rebuilt UI to make the game more user friendly and easier to navigate
•Improved golfer AI making your opponents even more challenging
•In game achievements allow you to track your score over time to see if you can become the ultimate Total Pro Golfer
•All courses from TPG2 will be compatible with TPG3!

Total Pro Golf Challenge!
Starting right now the TPG Challenge is now open - TPG3 contains an in game achievement system. If you want to take part in the TPG Challenge all you need to do is start a new game of TPG3 and choose the "challenge mode" option when starting the career. If you can achieve 500 points or higher on the career achievement board then you will be able to send in your saved game and upon verification you will be able to win a FREE game of your choosing from Wolverine Studios. But you better get started today - the TPG Challenge will end on December 31, 2013.

Gary also sent this note:
We put out a newsletter this week with updates on everything and it has a 50% off coupon good on just about everything (even TPG3) that expires tomorrow...and I launched the beta of a new strategy game called Park Wars.

That newsletter is here, and Park Wars is a management sim:
As CEO you are tasked with overseeing everything for your company including the building of new theme parks, water parks, hotels and entertainment districts, managing those properties for profit, ordering research and development for attractions and of course keeping a close eye on the competition.

That's all happening over at Wolverine Studios

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