Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I woke up yesterday with a slight sore throat that slowly got worse during the day, then erupted into full blown "F-you" status by about 9 p.m. The doctor said it was some kind of virus (really helpful), but I'm definitely down today. I do have another post about Ghosts of Mississippi going up shortly, though.

I did get some good news at the doctor today, though. I mentioned a few weeks back that my calf muscles were just killing me--aching, tight, almost cramping. My hamstrings ached every day s well. Making a long story short, the simvastatin I was taking to control my cholesterol level was causing the muscle pain (a side effect in about 10% of the people who take that particular medication). So I'm switching to a different medication, and hopefully my legs will feel "old normal" soon.

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