Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Fine Time

Eli 11.5 had a tough game in goal last weekend.

Every time a puck went into the corner, his defensemen acted like the puck was handing out $100 bills if only they could both get there in time.

On defense in front of the goal? Tumbleweeds.

He was discouraged coming off the ice, even though he played well, and while he somewhat shook it off, I could tell he was still bothered.

I'd stunned him earlier in the week by belting out a verse of "Lucille" (Kenny Rogers) when it came on at a restaurant. I never listened to Kenny Rogers on purpose, but that song was everywhere, back in the day, and anyone my age (or close to it) knows the lyrics by heart.

If you're young, go have a listen., especially this refrain (which is what I sang for Eli):
You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille
With four hungry children and a crop in the field
I've had some bad times, 
Lived through some sad times, 
This time the hurtin' won't heal. 
You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille.

He went to Mom's house for a few hours (he does every Sunday), and I called him. When he came to the phone, I started singing:
You picked a fine time to leave me, de-fense
With four hungry shooters and a puck in the crease
I made some glove saves,
Even some hook saves,
But this time the groin strain won't heal.
You picked a fine time to leave me, de-fense.

He laughed for a long, long time. It's now become the goalie anthem, to be used whenever it's deemed necessary.

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