Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Eli 11.5, after an exhausting weekend hockey tournament that was six hours away, was tested in P.E. class yesterday as part of the President's Challenge on Fitness or something.

He did the "flex arm hang", which  looks like this:
(image thanks to E-how)

You have to keep your chin above the level of the bar. Once it drops, you're done.

Here's the chart with the performance percentiles for the test (in seconds):

Eli was exhausted, because the weekend was very long and very tough, and he was still beat when he went to school yesterday.

His time? 132 seconds.

There was one other kid in his grade who made it over 60 seconds (71).

I've seen him do all kinds of things over the years that are completely ridiculous, but sometimes he still surprises me.

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