Thursday, September 05, 2013

Eli 12.1

We were watching Chopped last week, and one of the contestants decided to make crepes in the final round.

It's kind of a running joke that anyone who makes crepes isn't going to win, with only rare exceptions. "Oh, no, he's lost," I said.

"When great crepes are made, though, they're a game changer," Eli said.

Last night, we were watching an episode where a guy couldn't get an oyster shell to stay on an appetizer plate, so he threw some lettuce or weeds or something on there to hold it in place. It was a frisse, actually.

They got to the judging, and I said, "Man, I love that guy's plate. Look at that presentation!"

Without Eli missing a beat, he said, "That frisse is a problem."

I burst out laughing. Twenty seconds later, the first thing one of the judges said to the chef was "I don't like that frisse."


He came home from school this week and plopped down on the couch. "We had to pick any three people in history to come to a dinner," he said.

"Who'd you pick?" I asked.

"Jim Carrey, Albert Einstein, and Flo," he said.

"Strong," I said. "At least Einstein was second."

I think I would pick Lincoln, Gandhi, and Louis C.K., but you have to respect Flo. And he's seen Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, which makes his first choice completely understandable.

Today was an absolute nightmare of a day. Just one catastrophic failure after another (more on Monday). My day was utterly, absolutely ruined, and then we went to play tennis.

"New balls," he said, opening up a new can. He knew I'd had a bad day because Gloria had mentioned it to him on the way home. Just that whooshing sound as the can opened made me feel better.

We didn't do much, really, just hitting and talking a little smack back and forth. I realized, though, that while I pick him up when he's down, he's old enough now where he's picking me up as well.

That's a good feeling.

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