Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Well, This Was Certainly Something

We got back late afternoon on Monday, and I had a ton of e-mails. So I answered them all that night.

Today, I realized that no one had responded to my e-mails, even when I asked questions (Garret, you know that probably meant you, since I ask you questions constantly!). So I tried to send a test message to myself.


So I'd been sending e-mails for two days, not receiving any error messages, but nothing was getting sent. I didn't realize it, though, because I was receiving incoming mail as usual.

I had to get on live type chat with a dreaded Time Warner support person named "Tom Morton", even though his command of the written word and grammar was, I have to say, highly questionable. He was very nice, though, and walked me through all the server settings, etc. Then, when all of that seemed correct, he advised me to delete my e-mail account and set up a new one.

Yeah, that'll fix it. Google Fiber can't get here soon enough.

Okay, so after disposing of Mr. Morton, I realized that there were a couple of other links in the chain. One, I have ESET as an anti-virus program, and I also have a Netgear router. ESET wasn't the problem, so I took the router out of the equation and bingo.

Now, I don't know a damn thing about routers, but I know it was f-ing everything up, so no router for now and e-mail works fine again.

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