Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Penny Arcade had a comic today titled "The Intrusion of Actual Life", and if you haven't read it or the accompanying news post, please do. Tycho talks at length about the conflicted relationship he has with his father, and it's poignant and beautifully written.

I thought about that post for most of the day, because I was thinking about how well he distilled an entire lifetime with his father down to a few paragraphs.

My Dad left before I was born, even though he came back briefly for my birth. I've only seen him rarely, and not at all for over twenty years. So instead of sorting through reels and reels of mental footage, as Tycho did so well, I have snapshots, and instead of an edited movie, I have a collage.

That made me start writing down everything I had personally experienced with my dad, every memory I could remember, and as I looked at the list, the fragmented nature of the memories was something I thought was worth sharing. So I'm working on the post and it will hopefully be done tomorrow.

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