Monday, October 07, 2013

Gridiron Solitaire #75: Finishing Up, Hopefully

After three and a half years, this was a moment:

An actual install package, just like a program done by an actual grown-up or something. Even better was this moment:

So for the first time, the game actually installs. I'm a bit in shock, really.

I'm still tweaking a few little things. One of the little things that was driving me crazy was the min/max yardage labels on the drive canvas. I tried to fit them in-between the goalposts, but it just never looked quite right--it was cluttered, and just too busy.

My original thought was to hide the goalposts until the first match was made (so that the min/max labels would be easy to see), but then the conceit of the canvas being a little football field falls apart. Goalposts can't just disappear.

Fredrik had an excellent suggestion, which I changed a small bit, and we wound up with this (you can click on it for a larger view):

Now there are little scoreboard labels to the left and right of the drive canvas, and they display the min/max gains. When a match is made, they hide. It's very simple and much cleaner.

I have five things left on the list. Two of them are obtuse, two are relatively straightforward, and the fifth is fairly simple.

When those items are finished, I'll do nothing but play the game for several hours a day and fix whatever I find. It's a bit overwhelming to look past that point, but it's not going to take long to get there.

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