Monday, October 14, 2013

Gridiron Solitaire #76: Details

I'm down to one bug.

In a multi-monitor setup, the user can't move the game off the launch screen. Every other bug that's been found over the course of a year of beta testing has been fixed.

Well, the goalposts still drive me crazy. Fredrik's drawn at least four versions, and I still can't quite get him the angle to draw that looks just right.

Other than that, though, I've done everything I can. Fredrik's art is terrific, the game is packed with details and little moments that are special, and there's a ton of personality. It's a little game, but I put as much into into it as I could.

Tomorrow night, I'm building a release candidate. I'm assuming it will take several (over the course of a few weeks) before I'm done, but I'm getting very close.

Plus, I'm sending the release candidate to the person who's influenced my entire gaming existence. Without his games, I never would have started thinking about making a game.

It's a good sign that this is so short. Almost done!

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