Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I've been working on the sound engine for about 6 hours today, and Eli 12. 2 had hockey tonight, so pictures.

I've been swimming for most of the summer (even now, when the water temperature is down to 65). I've been using the same swim trunks for years--form-fitting, like cycling shorts.

I went to Fry's to pick up Wind Waker a few weeks ago after I swam. I got home and Gloria started laughing after I talked to her in her study for a while. "Did you go to Fry's like that?" she asked.

Here's why:

Play on, playa. Good grief.

Eli had a day off from school last week, so of course he spent three hours at the rink. Gloria took some excellent pictures, and here's one of him working on his slap shot:

This was taken at a new 2/3 sheet called The Pond, and we all love the rink. First class all the way. There are a bank of stationary bikes upstairs--eight of them--and I pulled one over to the railing tonight and cycled for half an hour while Eli played in his 4x4 league (as a skater, and he scored twice and had two assists). Since I'm at this rink for three hours a week, I can use that time to work out, because I can see everything perfectly if I just pull the bike over to the rail.

Just three hours? That doesn't include the three hours a week at the other ink.

Here's something I'd never seen before:

Limos, yes. Pink limos, no. Until now.

We went to Target last weekend and readied for Halloween:

Plus, we saw this book and immediately purchased it, and it's entirely hilarious (both to us and Eli as well):

Finally, today I saw one store already preparing for a tasteful, understated holiday season:

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