Thursday, October 24, 2013


The outdoor pool in our neighborhood closes next Thursday for the winter.

I've managed to keep swimming, even as the water temperature has dropped substantially. It's in the mid 60s now, which (for me) is extremely cold water. I'm not going to go join a gym for the winter until I absolutely have to, plus I save half an hour driving each time I swim here.


Today I swam 800 yards, which was not much of a swim, but I was getting progressively colder and decided to get out. In cold water, I can tell when I've had enough, and after twenty minutes, it was time.

When I got home (which only takes a couple of minutes), I took my temperature. 94.4 F. Holy crap.

That made me think I needed to do some Googling about body temperatures. As it turns out, hypothermia begins to set in below 95 F. Not after ten minutes, but an hour at that temperature will get you in trouble.

What's interesting is that my body tells me that. I can swim in very cold water, but I know when my body temperature has reached the point where it's too low. There are signs, like the water beginning to slightly sting my back. It's a very distinct feeling.

Time for the gym, and their boring swimming pool.

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