Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Overpromise

I try very hard not to overpromise.

Usually, I get to everything I say I can. Occasionally, though, I don't, and it's very, very stressful. I have two promises outstanding that I'm not going to get to anytime soon, and they're both games, so I'm going to go ahead and mention them. I don't like doing it this way, but trying to finish the last bit of GS is taking so much time that it's better than waiting two months.

I still have very fond memories of the High Heat baseball series, which was launched in 1999. It was the spiritual successor to the Front Page Sports: Baseball series in that it aimed for accuracy at a granular level of detail. High Heat was far, far ahead of its competition, and it was developed by an internal 3DO studio called "Team .366."

A few guys from that studio developed and recently released an iOS/Android game titled Your Turn Football, and it's a blend of strategic and arcade gameplay (although the arcade element is limited). There's also contract management as you acquire and resign players.

This is an online game only--no single-player mode. Plus it's turn-based, so you can have a ton of games going at the same time. I didn't spend enough time playing it to give you legitimate impressions, although I did learn that in order to succeed at the game, you need to have multiple games going. Playing games gives you coins, and you need those coins in order to sign better players for your team.

It's free with IAP available, and if you're interested, you can get to either version of the game from here.

The other game is from a studio named Balloon 27, and the game is called "Hill Bill." Here's a description:
Hill Bill is a motorcycle trick jumping game starring a hillbilly with Evel aspirations. 

 Bill has big dreams for a hillbilly – to be just like his idol, Evel Knievel. With his trusty 3rd hand garage sale bike he sets up his very own ramps and starts riding. Bill starts out a little wobbly, but soon he’s mastering jumps and tricks in a course containing old junk found around his yard. A few of Bill’s friends even stop by to watch. Then a few more friends come. Then a few more. His sudden local fame puts big ideas in Bill’s head, and he decides to take his show on the road.

I did spend enough time with this game to see that the graphics are beautifully done, and the style is quite charming. It's a side-scroller, and it's mechanics are familiar, but it's certainly full of personality and humor. Links to both versions are available here.

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