Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We're very close to DEFCON 1 in terms of chaos around here.

Eli's playing hockey every day now, essentially. And he loves it, and he's playing great, but it's a logistical avalanche. Plus there are always extra practices where some coach wants him in goal for something or other, and those get added to the pile.

I'm trying to hang on until he actually gets a mini-break from hockey at the end of this week. In January, though, he's going to be very, very busy with league games and tournaments.

I don't need to have knee surgery. The orthopedist yesterday said that the excruciating pain I felt when I stood up two Sundays ago was bone on bone, probably caused by the patellar tendon pulling on something or other, and I just happened to stand up at the exact wrong angle. I told him the pain was worse than when I tore my meniscus (both of them), and he said there's nothing like bone hitting bone. Indeed.

It still hurts, but he said I could work out and it wouldn't make anything worse--it will just take time to totally heal. So it's nice to be able to work out again and ignore the pain (because it's just pain, not injury). As a bonus, he said the x-ray showed that I still had some cartilage left in my knee. "I've seen worse," he said, and I'll take that as a win.

I've been doing all  my holiday shopping on Amazon--literally, I haven't bought one thing in a brick and mortar--and man, it's great. It still takes an incredibly long time to find what I want to give someone, but it's great to hit that "buy with 1-click" button and have it ship to someone out of town without me having to stand in an apocalyptic line at the post office. I'm not done yet, but at least I'm halfway there.

I like the holidays, mostly, but we're going to Shreveport after Christmas (oh god oh god oh god), so it's more stressful than usual. Abandon hope, all ye who drive here and whatnot. Plus the holidays are just disruptive, whether I like them or not, and I could do without disruption right now.

Oh yeah, and I'm trying to launch a game. That's not stressful in the least, because I'm not a perfectionist or anything (although I'm also the laziest person on earth in an almost Platonic form kind of way, depending on the situation). So I'm taking one more pass at the sound engine issue, because damn, I want to fix that, and I got one piece of the information I need to submit to Steam (an Employer Identification Number, woo), and there's still one piece missing (I think).

That doesn't even sound that busy. Good grief, I'm turning soft.

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