Thursday, December 26, 2013

Disney Infinity

Eli 12.4 asked for Disney Infinity for Christmas.

I tend to want to avoid these kinds of games, because "Infinity" refers to how much money you'll spend collecting all the figures. At the same time, though, the original Skylanders was very clever and quite entertaining, and Disney seems a natural to make a game like this.

What Disney has done, though, is veer off from the Skylander's course, except for the "this game will cumulatively cost you one million monies" concept. Instead of a longer adventure that's entirely linear, Infinity gives you one dedicated level per character plus "common" levels that any character can play.

That doesn't sound like much, and it's not, really.

There's an extra mode, though, called "Toy Box", and it's a sandbox creation mode that is limitless. Eli has created an island and an enormous racetrack floating above it in space, and it's incredibly detailed. The variety of items available to use in the world is just amazing.

What's exceedingly clever is that each time you play, you earn extra tokens to spin what's basically a prize wheel, which gives you extra items that you can use in your created world. So there's a significant carrot to encourage you to keep playing the game.

It's not quite Disney Minecraft, but it's a fantastic sandbox, and Eli has been almost mesmerized by the creativity the game allows.

Eli, of course, is already talking about getting more characters, so well done, Disney! I will say, though, that at least it seems like a high-quality experience.

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