Monday, December 02, 2013

Gridiron Solitaire #83: Staggering to the Finish

Eli 12.4 had a Thanksgiving hockey tournament last weekend. We were gone for all or part of four days.

Trying to combine Eli's hockey schedule with getting Gridiron Solitaire released has been very, very tough. Plus, and this is just as tough, marketing and distribution suck.

This is one of the many things I didn't realize.

Nothing about marketing or distribution is improving the game in any way, or providing a better user experience. So I bridle at some of this stuff, although I would very much like to actually sell the game.

Plus, it's time.

This game is what I wanted it to be when I first started. I'm still baffled that I survived, but somehow I did. It needs to ship.

Okay, hive mind decision time. With Steam a 25th century dream (that's how long it will take to get enough votes to get through the Greenlight process!), I'm looking at Desura and GOG. Do any of you have any developers experience with either portal? I've had a small amount of feedback, but only a few bits of information about each at this point.

I like Desura because they seem very friendly to small developers and small games. I like GOG because I'd like to release GS with no DRM. But I'd also like to only release through one portal at first, possibly expanding to others later.

Feedback appreciated.

One more thing. Here's the credits screen:

If you participated in testing, please click on that image (to enlarge it) and make sure your name is on there. Basically, if you were a beta tester and sent me at least one e-mail with feedback, then your name should be on there. If you should be there, but aren't, please let me know.

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