Monday, December 09, 2013

Gridiron Solitaire #84: Details

Reaction in Austin to the news that Gridiron Solitaire had been Greenlit:

I think I'm 2-3 days away from finishing testing. I've made some minor tweaks in the last week, but that's all I've found.

The state of the game is ahead of the state of everything else.

Trademark. Domain name transfer. Creating an LLC. What the? What's with all this grown-up stuff?

Steam wants routing information for my bank account. Are you telling me this game might actually generate "some monies", as Eli 4.0 would say? Is that somehow possible?

So I'm suddenly drowning in stuff that isn't making a game. But I need to get through it all, because I want to submit the release version to Steam this week. It's so easy to lose momentum at this point, which is something I didn't realize until now (when I feel myself losing momentum).

Several of you guys asked me if I'm going to keep writing about the game on Monday after it ships, and the answer to that is "yes". Since I wrote about the last year and a half of development, I want to write about what the post-shipment process is like. Maybe it will help a few people who are developing their own games, because I've certainly gotten a ton of help from other people.

All right, I've got to go create an LLC now. What could possibly go wrong?

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