Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year's Day and the Old Man Nod

Eli 12.5s 4x4 hockey tournament lasted five hours today. That's about three more hours than I thought it would last, hence the late start today.

Eli's team went 2-1-1, and he played progressively better as the afternoon went along (he hadn't played in goal in about a week). And since it was 4x4, there were plenty of highlight reel saves, which is always fun to watch.

Not the Winter Classic, but it was fun.

I have this oddball thing about my age. I'm 52, but my hair is almost completely white--not Steve Martin, but not too far away. Because of my hair, I look older. If my hair wasn't gray/white, though, the family consensus is that I would look about ten years younger than my age (well, Eli thinks so, anyway).

I credit Ginsburging.

Anyway, because I look older than I am, I have gained access into a secret world.

"So here's what's happening to me," I told Eli while we were out eating last week. "Every time I walk past a guy who's in his sixties or older, I get a nod."

"What kind of nod?" he asked.

"The old man, secret club nod," I said. "They're acknowledging me because I'm one of them." He burst out laughing. "Plus, the old man nod does not include any words. There is no speaking involved."

Three days later, we were walking out from a store, and an older man who was at least sixty walked toward us from the parking lot. He looked at me as he walked by, then nodded.

"OH MY GOD!" Eli whispered, laughing. "He just gave you the old man nod!"

"I told you," I said, laughing.

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