Wednesday, April 09, 2014

About S.P.A.M. (Special Poem Amidst Mail)

Some of you are asking how I got a poem in my e-mail.

Well, I didn't, exactly.

What I got were hundreds of spam e-mails, because somehow my e-mail filter isn't blocking them before they get to my inbox. They get shunted to the Spam folder properly, but I used to not see them at all.

I get quite a few of them now, and I'll usually take a quick glance if it's one of the "personal story" frauds, because they're the pulp literature of the 21st century. They are often epic stories of betrayal, or derring-do, and I find them quite fantastic.

So yesterday's poem is composed of individual lines from these e-mails, cobbled together into a story. And I might do it again at some point, because it's thoroughly fun.

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