Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chicken and Waffles

In certain parts of the country, chicken and waffles is a popular dish. It's normally a big waffle with a piece of fried chicken on top of the waffle. That may sound a little odd, but it's totally delicious once you pour on the syrup.

What I could never figure out, and I've talked about this to Eli 12.8 before, is where the dish came from. Who would have ever thought to combine those two foods?

On the Dan Patrick show this morning, a guest (Chef Alex, I think--he was with Amar'e Stoudamire) explained where it came from. In the 1930s in Harlem, the night clubs stayed open all night, basically, and when the musicians finally left, it was morning. They wanted to eat both dinner (which they'd missed) and breakfast at the same time, so there you go.

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