Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Links!

Leading off, from The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is very silly: Jonkeys - 2. This is also very silly (and very funny): DANNY TREJO's Breadanimals. One more, and it's fascinating: What are these giant concrete rings built by the Nazis? No, I was wrong--there's still one more, and it's chilling: A Dartboard To Test Your Odds Of Being Murdered.

From Rob Funk, and this is amazing: Sixteen-Year-Old Artist Wins National Art Competition with Masterful Hyper-Realistic Pencil Portrait.

From Eric Higgins-Freese, and this is an excellent read: The Tale Of The B-17 "Blind Date" Crew.

From Craig Miller, an excellent analysis of Threes: Experimenting With Threes!, and Experimenting With Threes! Part Two

From Michael Gilbert, and Action Park is absolutely my favorite links source of the last decade: Action Park: 10 things you didn't know about the notorious amusement park's history.

From DQ Guitar Advisor David Gloier, and this is amazing: The Secret Symphonic Stage Forgotten 40 feet below a Local Piano Shop.

From Wallace, and this is outstanding: New Age Bullshit Generator.

From Aaron Ward, and this is just mind-blowing: Flying Robot Rockstars. Next, and this is fantastic, it's Something strange in the neighborhood: 'Ghostbusters' fan art invades New York City.

I ran across a few terrific links myself this week: Amazing photo of the world's largest wind turbine blade on the roadHow Boomboxes Got So Badass (this is a great read), and Cool visualization reveals how the number Pi looks.

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