Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Greek Life

I was driving home from the tennis courts with Eli 12.8 yesterday. The tennis center is near the extended sprawl of the University of Texas.

"That's a paternity house!" Eli said, pointing at a house with Greek symbols on the front.

"Based on how college boys handle birth control, that's entirely possible," I said.

Eli started laughing. "What?"

"That's not a pa-ternity house," I said. "That's being the father of a child. It's a fra-ternity house."

"Oh, and there's a maternity house, too," he said. "That's for girls."

"Did you just say maternity house?" I asked.

"No!" he said. "I said FA-ternity house. I know what maternity means!"

I started laughing. "Seriously? 'Fa-ternity' is the best you could do there? Maternity is actually better. What that's actually called is a 'sorority' house."

We were silent for a few seconds.

"Really, paternity house was pretty inspired," I said.

"Shut it!" he said.

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