Thursday, April 03, 2014


Taking it easy (well, easier) today because I'm trying to totally redo punt logic and add big images tomorrow. I have a few pictures, though.

Remember how asked you guys about the possibility of getting a Jokerit jersey from Finland for Eli 12.7 a while back? Look what got here on Saturday:

I think it's Eli's favorite hockey jersey in the world. Mine, too.

I was writing the GS post on Monday (in the front seat of my car, while I had a few minutes free), and saw this reflection from my shirt. Yeah, a shirt selfie:

One thing I do like about Austin is that when we have a semi-decent amount of rain in winter, there are beautiful wildflowers in spring. I was on my way to the P. Terry's satellite office this week and saw an amazing field of bluebonnets, also full of children getting their pictures taken (which is a long-standing tradition here). Not a great picture, but fun:

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