Thursday, May 15, 2014

Louis C.K.

For me, Louie is the best show on television. Maybe one of the best shows ever.

Louis C.K. has this brilliant knack for laughter in incredibly uncomfortable situations (which is where great comedy originates, in discomfort). What Louis also does, though, is transcend its genre on a regular basis. It's not just a comedy.

Here's a good example, and it's some of the very best television I've ever seen. Just scroll down to the video link (don't even read the text of the story first--just watch the video): Louie video.

I'll wait.

All right, now that you've watched it (seriously--go watch the damn thing--it's brilliant), doing that scene in one take is nothing short of incredible. And Louis C.K. didn't even write it for himself, which is something else he does on his show to great effect: he's generous when it comes to other actors.

Here's an interview with Sarah Baker about the scene and how it happened: Louie’s Sarah Baker on That Epic ‘Fat Girls’ Speech.

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