Thursday, May 22, 2014

Zeke, Iron Man Mode, and Child's Play

From Zeke of Iron Man Mode:
I'm trying to make a bit of noise for a Child's Play charity fundraiser I've got going on this coming Friday. My comedy gaming site, Iron Man Mode, is coming to a close and I'm hoping to go out with a bang (with a little help from the wider gaming community). We'll be doing a 72+ hour, non-stop livestream over the weekend as I try and fly around the world - it'll probably kill me, and you're invited to it.

Short version:
Longer version:

And that's about it, really. Even the smallest of donations would be massively well received, but getting as many eyes on the event as possible is equally valued.

Child's Play is amazing beyond words, and I'm happy to spread the word for Zeke. Plus, it sounds like quite an adventure.

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