Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Links!

Sorry, very light this week (which traditionally happens when summer starts).

Leading off this week, an absolutely tremendous piece of work from Greg Howard: Can Jason Whitlock Save ESPN's "Black Grantland" From Himself?

One more of my own links, and it's a fascinating story: Unlock the Past: How a 19th Century Lock Pick Changed Security Forever.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is amazing: How to Fight Fires With Decommissioned Jet Engines Strapped to a Tank.

In case you missed it, Bill Watterson returned briefly last week (thanks to Scott Hillis for the link): Ever Wished That Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson Would Return to the Comics Page? Well, He Just Did. I still miss his sense of humor.

Before Rick Reilly became just another hack, he was a brilliant writer. Here are five of his best stories: Rick Reilly Didn't Always Suck.

From Eric Higgins-Freese, and these are fantastic: 10 Best Optical Illusions of 2014.

From Sirius, and this is incredible: Dutch bricklaying machine.

From Shannon Blumer, here are the NFL team logos reimagined in the style of soccer team logos: Football as Football. In other news, the first game of the World Cup yesterday was decided by a dive in the penalty box. Soccer, I try so hard to like you!

From Dubious Quality Director Of Vision John Harwood, and this is terrific: 5 Astronauts More Badass Than Any Action Movie Hero.

Finishing off, a terrific story that I'll be reading more about (I bought the book): Meet Griffith Pugh: The Everest Pioneer You've Never Heard Of.

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