Tuesday, August 26, 2014


So this seems like a big deal as a proof of concept:
Without a doubt, the Oculus Rift will be the be-all and end-all of our most cherished nerd fantasies (until the holodeck comes.) Example: This game to train like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars—a remote floats around you firing stun blasts that you have to deflect with your lightsaber.

If you're too lazy to watch the video (don't be like me), here's a quick summary: it's a lightsaber training app where you use the DK2 headset along with "a new wireless motion system" called STEM System. The STEM system can either put a controller (with a handle) into your hand, or it can track motion via a wearable bracelet.

Combined, it's stunning. It's a JEDI training simulator, essentially, but it looks incredibly immersive and accurate.

Seeing that made me realize the unbelievable potential that Oculus Rift, in combination with something like the STEM system, has for sports training.

Can't get to the batting cage? Just dial up any pitch speed/type of pitch you want and take batting practice in your living room. Plus, you could practice against higher speed pitches than usual without risk of getting hit, or fouling a ball off your foot. The lightsaber video seemed realistic enough that I believe it would work quite well for becoming familiar with higher speed activities in sports.

Oh, and goalie training simulator? This looks like it could be incredible, if the motion tracking is extremely accurate. One of the critical aspects of being a goalie is reaction time. Actually, it's a critical aspect of almost every sport. Anything that could improve your reaction time would be invaluable to an athlete.

Here's the STEM System website, in case you're curious. They're still in the prototype stage, but man, what potential!

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