Wednesday, October 08, 2014


This is a tale of two brothers. Brothers with big dreams.

Eli Random is 6'10", 180 lbs. His father, legendary NBA journeyman Lester "Dub" Step. Eli is 20 years old. Here, have a look:

That's right: Eli Random is a professional baseball player, currently tearing up AA for the Erie SeaWolves.

He also has a brother. A half-brother, actually.

His half-brother's name is Enormous Bottoms. He is 5'5, 260 lbs., and he's 18 years old. His father was legendary sumo wrestler Ōzutsu Takeshi. He also dreams of being a professional baseball player, and he's hitting tape measure home runs for the AA Montgomery Biscuits. Here's Enormous:

Eli is playing Eli, naturally enough. I'm playing Enormous Bottoms. So we both have new careers in the Show, but this time, I'm trying to actually role play.

When I created EB, I poured everything I could into power. Once I started gaining training points, I put every single one into right-handed power. So here's a sample of his ratings:
Contact vs. left-40
Contact vs. right-40
Power vs. left-45
Power vs. right--80

I also never use the contact or standard swings. Power only.

What this means is that Enormous Bottoms leads the league in Home Runs. And strikeouts. A standard line for him would be something like this: K, DP, K, HR. Those home runs are usually of the tape measure variety, too (against right handers, at least). Here's a sample:

You can see the ball just to the left of the flag in the center. It's heading well over the scoreboard and into the water--on the fly. That's a bomb.

Plus, EB is a left fielder. A very, very bad left fielder. So all in all, he's a fairly realistic character: huge power, no plate discipline, and a lousy fielder. There are a ton of guys like that in the real minor leagues.

We'll see how this goes, but playing a role instead of trying to min-max the ratings is very, very fun.

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