Thursday, October 16, 2014

Make Better Decisions, #9 in a Series

Submitted by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

I worked at a grocery store for much of high school.  A young man (no older than 21, and maybe not that old) came through my line with three items:  (1) a pregnancy test; (2) a 6-pack of Cost-Cutter (yes, that was a brand) beer; and (3)  a pack of condoms.   

This was before ubiquitous debit / credit card access, and in any event this gentleman looked like perhaps he would have continued to subsist in an all-cash economy into the future. So he began to dutifully count out his change and discovered that he hadn't accounted for tax; accordingly, he was roughly 75 cents short.   He looked at the three items on the belt and then solemnly pointed at the pregnancy test.  "Put that one back."   

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