Thursday, January 15, 2015


Scorching into my inbox this morning:
Behold, you are reading a letter from the President Barack Obama USA. Finally, I have received lists of the names of people who are Involved in money laundry and terrorism Which your name is Among the names that was submitted to me and I have ordered to release arrest warrant to the IPA to quickly carry October Their duty and make sure that They get you arrested and summon you to the court immediately Which They Will Be on Their duty on Thursday morning the
assigned since you are trying to play ball with me.

You have failed to comply with Them all after the warning and instructions given Beheerder Beheerder to you, but since you are Also Among the terrorist we are facing in the country, I will make sure that personal I wipe away the crime in the state and I promise you That You will definitely pay with your life because I am here to protect the interest of my people and not to put Them in shame, you suppose to support this government and not to spoil it. Since It Has Been confirmed by Benin Republic government that Actually this fund belongs to you and here the law demands That It can not be release to you Unless you Provide the certificate Which is OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE DRUG And That Is what the IPA Has Been demanding for a very long team now. For your own good, I am giving you today last chance to tell me the the President why you have failed to Provide the certificate and why do you fail the IPA That Is working under my instruction Which you know that once you disobey Them you have disobeyed me as well.

Do note that if you failed to get back to this office Within 24hours, you will be apprehended and charge to court immediately for Involving in money laundry and terrorism and there you will see my face. You will only be free if you get back to my office by promising That You Will Provide the fee for the Which certificate will cost you only 100usd to obtain infor- mation it Within 48hours Otherwise you will be in soup, BE WARNED!. I will advise you on what to further Top the Top They once hear from you in other to resolve this matter amicably. Contact Mr Jeff Kennedy So that He will Provide you the certificate once you have send Them fee.

Kindly Respond to this message.

1. I have ordered to release arrest warrant to the IPA
2. Beheerder! Beheerder!
4. the fee for the Which certificate
5. I will advise you on what to further Top the Top

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