Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Links!

From Rob Funk, and this is fantastic: Have We Found Alien Life? Microbes That Eat and Breathe Electricity Have Forced Scientists to Reimagine How Life Works--On This Planet and Others.

From Simon Jones, and this is a great read: The curious case of the sweaty nipples.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is fascinating: Education plus ideology exaggerates rejection of reality. Next, and this is remarkable, it's Raspberry Pi Engine Control with Real-Time Adaptive Extreme Learning Machine (Linux). This next link is fascinating, believe it or not: Example of an economics exam from Harvard University in 1953. One more, and it's breathtaking: Clear Roof Breathes New Life Into Historic Spanish Church.

Speaking of breathtaking, have a look at this link from Matt Kreuch: Zoomable Andromeda Galaxy. Also, and all I can say is "Wear a cage, people!", it's Blood, Sweat and Teeth: Wild Nights with an NHL Dentist.

From J.R. Parnell, and these are entirely wonderful: 15 Creative Long Exposures Capture a World Unseen. Also, and this is fantastic data visualization: NYC Taxis: A Day in the Life.

This is a terrific article from a very unique perspective: Silk Road Mom Learns Sad Truth About Son.

From DQ VB.NET And Extreme Weather Advisor Garret Remple: Don't leave your car, professor says.

From Jonathan Arnold, and I have no words:
Oregon Was Founded as a Racist Utopia.

A bevy of excellent links from C. Lee. First, it's How Books Became a Critical Part of the Fight to Win World War II. Next, and I now have the book referenced in this article (but haven't read it yet): Did Civil War Soldiers Have PTSD? Next, and it's whimsical (and true): Parachuting Beavers Into Idaho's Wilderness? Yes, It Really Happened. Lastly, and bean cookers can celebrate, it's Don't soak your dried beans! Now even the cool kids agree.

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