Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gridiron Solitaire Number I've Forgotten Completely: The Future

I haven't been posting about it, but stuff's going on around here.

I really, really want two new card decks, both with more athletic/action poses. One would just use the jersey numbers (no numbers on the outside of the card at all), while the other would be a 'big" number deck, with the numbers on the edges of the card being the primary focus.

A user would have three decks to choose from: original, jersey numbers only, and big numbers.

Conceptually, I want to use as many of the big image poses as possible on the new deck. So the players on the card deck are also players in the big images that get shown for certain events during the game. It ties up nicely.

In addition to that, though, Fredrik has two very cool ideas.

The first is to have the announcer in the bottom left-corner of the screen to "announce" text events, instead of having a scoreboard dropdown. That makes so much sense that I'm embarrassed I didn't think about it originally.

His second idea is to modernize the scoreboard, and incorporate the little game window as part of a big video screen. That's also an excellent idea, because with more modern-looking players, it makes sense to modernize the scoreboard as well.

Here's a very, very early screenshot, and it requires some explanation, so hold your horses after you see it:

Here are some notes that help this make sense (it will be easier to see if you click on the picture to expand it).
1. the scoreboard is not final, obviously, but you can see that it's definitely tarted up quite a bit, with some nice shading and colors. Plus, the little game window underneath is going to be physically "attached" like a video screen, although this version isn't quite there yet. You can see what we're trying to do, though.
2. Those card images are placeholders, since some don't even show the jersey number, but you can see how those poses pop with that bright white background. Plus, there's a drop shadow around the cards that just slightly lifts them off the field (and looks really, really good).

It might be possible for the deck with big numbers to use poses where jersey numbers aren't displayed, because the numbers will be so large on the outside. For the other deck, poses where the jersey numbers are clearly displayed will be used. I really like the idea of two "dedicated" decks, though.

3. The black ticker at the bottom is going to turn on when there's a text event, and the text will display line by line (like it does now). But the font will be larger, because the ticker is larger. The bar will also not extend across the announcer's body (which will let the announcer image itself be reduced a bit in size).

It's very early days on all this--it's going to take several months, at a minimum--but I'm excited by the possibilities.

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