Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Athlete

Sure, after twelve years of reading this crap, you thought you'd seen everything there was to see.

You are incorrect, sir!

We went to San Antonio for a game last Sunday, and the rink has a separate area (where there used to be a second sheet of ice) where they hold events.

We walked into the rink an hour early, and in the non-ice area, there was a dog show going on. The best kind of dog show, with dogs running through obstacle courses.

We all found this knee-slapping hilarious (and totally entertaining), because some of these dogs were tiny. Very, very tiny. But while they had different sizes and levels of skills, every dog was full one of thing: enthusiasm. Every single one looked entirely thrilled to be running through a maze, and there was tail wagging aplenty when they were done.

This small warrior was our favorite. He was not the most skilled, perhaps, but his enthusiasm was boundless.

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