Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Deep Freeze

We're in the deep freeze.

For the last week, the average high temperature has been 20 degrees below normal. The average high this time of year is 61F, so the average high has been 41F for the last week.

Doom cold.

Garret (who lives in Winnipeg), you can start laughing now.

Here's the hard thing, though: when you live somewhere and have a wardrobe that supports average early-January highs of 61, you don't really have adequate clothing for an average high of 41.

I go from outside (40F) to the rink (40F) for several hours, then back to the outside (40F). I'm so cold that when I gets home, it feels like the house is 40F.

I wear layers. Layer after layer after layer. Not enough, though. I even bought a pair of gloves yesterday, which I've never really worn (no one really needs to down here). Buying the gloves was amusing, because I went to REI, and it looked like a post-holiday sale. It was mobbed. Even Austin Guy (who wears shorts every day, all year long) was stocking up on cold-weather clothing.

Tomorrow, it starts to warm up. Not in the rink, though.

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