Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Instead of writing about idiot anti-vaxxers and the politicians who pander to them (as part of a longer thought about how we've spent the last three decades legitimizing stupidity instead of respecting intelligence), I'm going to take a deep breath and post a magnificent sun dogs picture from DQ VB.NET And Extreme Cold Weather Advisor Garret Rempel:

Plus, just now, I remembered that there was a PC game called Sundog: Frozen Legacy released in 1984 for the Apple II (1985 for Atari ST), and it was pretty damn good:

Thanks to Moby Games for the screenshot as well as this description:
You just inherited a one-man star freighter - the SunDog - from an uncle who died under mysterious circumstances. You also inherited the contract he signed to aid in the building of a colony for a religious group. You have three tasks to perform: find the location of the colony; find, buy, and deliver goods needed for its construction; and locate the cryogenically-frozen colonists needed to populate the colony.

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