Thursday, April 30, 2015

Birds on a Wire on a Couch

We're all sitting on the couch, watching the Red Wings-Lightning playoff game. Gloria has been tapping on her phone for quite a while.

"Are you writing that grant proposal on the phone?" I asked.

"Mom, you are a careful tapper," Eli 13.8 said.

"I'm fast on a regular keyboard," Gloria said. "I don't like using my thumbs on this phone keyboard because my thumbs are big."

"I had no idea you had big man hands," I said, laughing. "Burly." She laughs. We all sit quietly for a few seconds. "I guess the hairy knuckles should have tipped me off."

Eli rolls off the coach and lands on the floor, laughing.

"Hey, I don't have hairy knuckles!" Gloria said. "They're as smooth as a baby's butt."

"If babies had butts shaped like big man hands," I said.

"Idiot," she says, under her breath, laughing.

*For the record, Gloria does not have big man hands. If she did, I would have already mentioned them.

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